"Tucker has expressive speech delay, and did not speak at all for the first two years of his life. His receptive speech wasn't lacking at all, so he understood everything we said to him, but he could not respond. We longed to hear what he wanted to say. He was locked inside his mind, and his frustration was growing everyday.

“Nicole's therapy was the key to unlock language for our son. He began therapy with her just after he turned two, and we saw growth so quickly. She taught us strategies to use with Tucker, beginning with sign language. Within the first few weeks of therapy, Tucker was using 80+ signs on a daily basis, and finally he was able to communicate independently.

“Once he gained his confidence with sign language, he was willing to explore with his verbal skills. Nicole equipped us with strategies to use at home and on the go, allowing us to make Tucker's everyday life a classroom to enhance his growth in language.

“She was nurturing and patient, understanding the good and bad days that come with children of this age. She loved Tucker, and we all looked forward to our weekly visits with Miss Nicole.

“Tucker is still in speech therapy, at age 3 1/2. He still has a long way to go in comparison with his peers, but on his own chart of progress, he is soaring. He has grown by leaps and bounds, now speaking in full paragraphs and sharing his every passing thought with us. Some days, we even wish for the silence again. ;-)"


"Nicole worked with my son for over a year. He had lost speech at 16 months of age, and at 22 months of age we were connected with Nicole. Nicole was invaluable! Her patience, caring, and knowledge were so helpful. By the time my son turned 3-years-old he was in the 90th% for speech and obviously had caught up from anything he had previously lost. I am so thankful we found Nicole and feel my son would not have come so far without her."


Claire had a problem with clarity on certain sounds and generally being understood by most people in her life due to her rate of speech and pronunciation of certain sounds. Ms. Nicole helped her resolve her issues with the certain problem sounds and has made her much more easily understood. Her family, teacher, classmates and school speech therapist all feel that she is now easy to understand.

Ms. Nicole had the right amount of patience, fun and creativity. She was full of innovative, kid-centric suggestions to keep Claire interested, focused and motivated. Ms. Nicole is very easy to work with and helped teach me how to help her with proper practice of sounds and other helpful ideas.

We started working with Nicole when my twins were 22 months old. We had noticed that our daughter, Lainey, was only able to say a handful of words, and the assessment determined she was significantly delayed in her speech development. Her twin brother however did not have a speech delay. I was unsure how we would focus on Lainey's speech improvement while also having her brother around. Nicole's approach couldn't have been any better. She gave me so many great tools to use with Lainey that her brother enjoyed, too. Nicole was incredible at knowing how to keep their attention and what would work best with their personalities. We started out by learning several words in sign language and also focused on fun sounds, such as animal sounds. Lainey was able to quickly progress from learning her first words to having a vocabulary so large I couldn't keep track of how many words she knew. We worked with Nicole for about 9 months and my kids always looked forward to the mornings when we got to see her. They never saw it as work -- it was just fun time with a really fun person! I can't recommend her enough and feel so grateful my family was able to work with her.

Nicole is the best speech therapist I have ever worked with! I can say that since both of my children have gone through therapy! Nicole worked with my daughter for over a year and I saw great improvements in her abilities each week. The activities that we were given for "homework" each week we things we could easily work into our daily routines and play times.

My child could be stubborn at times when it came to practicing her speech. Nicole was wonderful in the way she "tricked" my daughter into practicing with little to no resistance. Our weekly sessions were looked forward to like they were playdates for both mother and child. Nicole listened to what was going on in our everyday lives and on the spot tailored our weekly activities and therapy sessions to include examples on how to handle some issues that were speech related.

I will be forever grateful to Nicole and the time she spent with our daughter and I!


"Before we started working with Nicole, our son had a very limited vocabulary and the words that he did say were very hard for us to understand. Nicole worked with him for a year when he was two and at the progress was amazing! His vocabulary increased significantly, he learned to pronounce the different letter sounds, and now he's confident with his speech. Nicole has numerous techniques for helping kids and she was able to get my son to practice when he wouldn't do it for me. She teaches parents strategies that they can implement between visits. We're really thankful for her help."

“Looking back at the time [Kayla] had with you, you helped her come so far. I remember when we first met you Kayla wasn't even speaking. If you can believe it, now she will sing an entire song in front of people and is reading step 1 reader books in front of her class. We owe so much to you. Your teaching style was amazing. You were so patient and you worked so well with the toddler age. I really appreciated the progression notes so we could see the progress. I so loved the help with communicating with her at a very hard time. I loved how you looked into the tools for her oral fixation and you didn't give up. I love how for the hour you were at our house you made it about Kayla. You truly did a wonderful job with her. "


Nicole was able to continually assess our child's speech needs over a period of about 18 months. In working with Nicole, it was clear she had great experience and expertise in working with young children, which helped in the progression of our child's speech. What was really special was the connection she made with our child, making the experience wonderful.

"When I first met Nicole my son was 2 ½-years-old, he only spoke 25 words. The first time she worked with my son I saw progress. He mimicked what she had done our first session and we worked steadily for months with him. Nicole gave me some of the most valuable "homework" tools to help him until our following session... I am so grateful to the tools she has given me and ... hearing him start to have appropriate conversations, Nicole helped us so much to get there.

My son is now three and a half and doing quite well. I do not count how many words he has anymore but I am positive we would not be where we are without her expertise.

I only worked with Nicole for about six months and then we aged out of the program we were in. She has gone above and beyond even after our therapy has ended and still will give me helpful hints on how to bring language into my son's life. Nicole has made me a better Mother and helped me understand my son in so many ways! Thank you Nicole We Love You.!"


When I met Ryan at 20 months, he was not talking

"Ryan is in his second year of preschool and he is doing great! He is totally on track with all of his peers with regards to his speech, and in fact, we think his vocabulary is quite exceptional. He'll use words like parallel and perpendicular to describe the placement of objects, he knows the states and countries and continents, loves to talk about space and weather. . . and so on. Your speech therapy obviously contributed to his miraculous turn-around. What we loved about you was that you offered so many techniques and strategies to use to improve Ryan's speech. We really felt like you made us so well equipped with research-based approaches to learning. When you interacted with Ryan, you gave him plenty of time to process and respond. He was always comfortable with you and never felt rushed or pressured. Even though when we started with you Ryan was not talking, you treated him like a person who was talking and talked to him rather than about him, and your interaction was not simply directed to us, his parents."


Our family started speech therapy with Nicole when my son was about 20 months. He wasn’t speaking much at all (a few words here and there). In just 9 months she was able to help him articulate his words beautifully, speak in full sentences, and even work on higher level skills that will help him read down the road. She connected with him almost immediately (and he is pretty shy at first). He absolutely flourished and we could not be more grateful for Nicole’s expertise, guidance and patience. She’s truly AMAZING at what she does and our family is sad to have “graduated.” It has been a complete joy watching our child grow and develop in his language skills and I don’t know where we’d be without Nicole! We feel so fortunate to have been placed with her.