Early Warning Signs of Delays And Disorders

Language and Speech skills are different. Language delays and disorders are apparent when a child has difficulty understanding and/or using words and sentences to interact and engage within their environment. Speech disorders are apparent when the child has difficulty using speech sounds to say words that are understandable to other listeners, rhythmically combining words in sentences, and using their vocal folds and breath to form words with appropriate pitch and quality.

Communication Development Birth to Five Years of Age

Communication Development Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

Useful Links and Resources

The following collection of resources include books, DVDs, online interactive website activities/games, and informational website links that I have found useful or have been recommended to me by the families that I collaborate with. I am always looking to add to my resource list and love it when recommendations are sent to me that others have found useful!

  • Apraxia

Apraxia Kids

  • Autism

16 by 16 Article (16 gestures by 16 months)

First Words Project- FANTASTIC parent resource!!

Autism Speaks

Autism Society Of America

  • Behavior Resources

Book: Kids, Parents, and Power Struggles: Winning for a Lifetime by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

Book: Raising Your Spirited Child Rev Ed: A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, and Energetic by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

Book: How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber

  • Child Development

  • Literacy Resources Free Activities

Stories Read Aloud Online

Parent Strategies For Promoting Language

Speech Activities & Language Milestones Super Duper: Handouts & Tips

The Hanen Center:

Book: Play To Talk: A Practical Guide to Help Your Late-Talking Child Join the Conversation by James MacDonald Ph.D, Pam Stoika Ph.D

  • Play

Play Development

Teach2Talk: Play DVD's

  • Sign Language Resources

Signing Time DVD's & Resources

  • Speech & Language Information & Links

American Speech, Language, & Hearing Association

  • Speech & Language Product Vendors

Super Duper Inc.

Educational Supplies

  • Vocabulary Resources

Poisson Rouge: On-line Games

Baby Bumblebee: Vocabulary DVD's

Language Stimulating Activities And Ideas

One of the best ways to stimulate vocabulary and language development is through first hand experiences. When a child can see, touch, hear, smell, and even taste an experience, they are using all of their senses to “take in” and learn new information. Learning through a variety of channels (senses) not only allows for multi-sensory learning, but also for heightened emotional responses (e.g. excitement, increased engagement) which have been linked to increased long-term memory of new concepts.

Pairing these activities with books from the library on the same topic or pretending to reenact the experience through play before and after going on an adventure can reinforce new vocabulary.

When an adult is using language to label and describe what the child is experiencing, the vocabulary used is more likely to be transferred into long-term memory and retrieved appropriately.

Mountain Area Activities & Attractions For Kids (Aspen Park, Conifer, Evergreen, & Surrounding Areas)

The Mountain Resource Center

Morrison Natural History Museum

Evergreen Park & Recreation District

Music At Evergreen Lake (SUMMER ONLY)

Stage Door Theater (Aspen Park, CO)

Lookout Mountain Nature Center

Tiny Town: (SUMMER ONLY) If your little one likes trains and pretending in miniature houses, this one's for you. Bring a picnic lunch.... and your hand wipes.... and have fun playing.

Nature & Science Attractions For Kids In & Around Denver:

Children's Museum of Denver

Denver Zoo

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Downtown Aquarium

Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS)

Butterfly Pavilion

Dinosaur Ridge

Wildlife Experience

Denver Botanic Gardens

Belleview Park Attractions: including a miniature train, Children's Farm (petting zoo) (SUMMER ONLY), and beautiful shallow creek and playground areas.

Transportation Attractions For Kids In & Around Denver:

The Colorado Railroad Museum

Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum

Denver Firefighters Museum

West Denver Area Athletic Activities For Kids

Gymboree Play & Music

Foothills Park & Recreation District

Splash Aquatics Park

Bear Creek Lake Park

West Denver Area Art & Music Experiences For Kids

My Art Workshop